• Advanced Diploma in Cyber Defense

Advanced Diploma in Cyber Defense

Learn ADCD and master your skillsets in Networks, Systems, Offensive and Defensive Security

Advanced Diploma in Cyber Defense
  • Duration12 Months
  • Total modules11
  • Effort12 hours/week
  • Program formatOnline/Offline/Blended

Overview of Advanced Diploma in Cyber Defense

Defensive cybersecurity is the essential security armor for any organization relentlessly combating cyber threats and data exploitation. Threats and attacks of all sizes are inevitable to tackle without sufficient defense infrastructure and human resources possessing intensive know-how of security evaluation methods, preventive measures, tools, and best practices to craft an effective defense.

Advanced Diploma in Cyber Defense (ADCD) is a well crafted comprehensive training and certification course from RedTeam Hacker Academy for nurturing cyber security enthusiasts, aspirants, and working professionals to evolve into cybersecurity professionals who have in-depth knowledge and expertise to efficiently analyze currently deployed cybersecurity infrastructures across systems, networks, applications, and cloud and find reliable solutions to tackle and defend security crisis faced by organizations in cyberspace.

In the Diploma in Cyber Security program, RedTeam Hacker Academy takes every enrolled candidate through a journey of in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge, acquiring hands-on exposure to multi-environment security defense in high-tech lab infrastructure in domains like CT infrastructure, Linux in ethical hacking, Enterprise Network Security, Blue Teaming processes, and SOC delivered by Certified Security Trainers following the globally accepted curriculum.

The journey of every candidate ends in the Diploma in Cyber Defense program through finding in themselves a highly evolved candidate in cybersecurity with International Cybersecurity Certifications on hand that can get him fished by any big corporate.


  • Module 1

    Cyber Security building blocks

  • Module 2

    ICT Infrastructure - Networks and Systems

  • Module 3

    Linux for Penetration Testers

  • Module 4

    Enterprise Network Security

  • Module 5

    Offensive Security and Cyber kill chain

  • Module 6

    Blue Teaming & Cyber SOC

  • Module 7

    Web and Android Application Security

  • Module 8

    IoT Security and Reverse Engineering

  • Module 9

    AI ML and Python for Cybersecurity Professionals

  • Module 10

    Information Security Management System - ISO 27001, NIST

  • Module 11

    Talking to the Board - Exclusive RedTeam Soft Skill Training

  • Module 12



Highlights of the Cyber Range Excercise Lab:

  • Real-Time RedTeam and BlueTeam Adversary Simulation understand & improve security posture of an enterprise by practising under realistic environment.
  • Explore the Cyber-attack lifecycle, and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Simulate Attacker TTPs in realistic environment
  • Understand about logs, events and alerts generated by different Offensive Tool
  • Generate real-time alerts by performing Red Team Operations manually (red team skills required).
  • Bypassing several host-level & network-level restrictions to a successful attack on a enterprise network
  • Jumping & compromising to an isolated or air-gapped type network.
  • Exploring the detection and remediation actions from Blue Team Environment.
  • Infrastructure Audit and Security Benchmarking through detailed Security Analysis.
  • Upgrade your Active Directory skills with simulated users in one of the multi-segregated networks.


Why you should enroll for ADCD at RedTeam Hacker Academy..

  • All-inclusive security defense and protection understanding
  • Fully-equipped real-like practice environments
  • Most recent and proven methodologies for defensive security evaluation
  • Career-focused curriculum designed by industry experts
  • Highly valued security credentials after training completion
  • Training sessions delivered by Subject Matter Experts having extensive experience
  • Internationally Certified Instructors
  • Industry Accredited Program
  • Exclusive Soft Skill Training

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be EVOLVED to...

A candidate proficient with intermediate to expert level skills in multiple domains like System and Network Administration, IT Security Engineering, Information Security and Cyber Security Operations.

Who is the course for?

Advance Diploma in Cyber Defense Certification is meant for Graduates, UnderGraduates, Network and Systems Administrators, IT Staffs or anyone interested in learning information security

See what our students have to say

"RedTeam Hacker Academy is the best institution for learning cybersecurity and networking. Faculties are very friendly and helpful and the way of teaching is very good. study materials are very useful. It is a very good institute for building a good career route in cybersecurity. We can study and practice to defend against cyberattacks and security breaches. I will recommend RedTeam to those who are planning to build their career in cybersecurity and improve their knowledge."

Saneersha Hakkim

Student, RedTeam

"RedTeam Hacker Academy is the best institution for learning Networking and Cybersecurity. RedTeam is an authorized EC Council accredited institution. I joined in the RedTeam with very little knowledge about cybersecurity and completed CEH certification. The faculties are very experienced people they will teach from base to expert. And they are very friendly. RedTeam is organizing many technical events, I attended most of the events. These events helped me to learn lots of things about cybersecurity. I will recommend RedTeam to those who are planning to build a carrier in cybersecurity and also those who are planning to improve their knowledge in cybersecurity."

Mohammed Faiz P.T

Student, RedTeam

"Came here as a beginner with very little knowledge about cybersecurity. After a few months, as per my experience here, I highly recommend RTHA to anyone interested in the field of Cybersecurity"

Mohammed Arshad

Student, RedTeam