3 Best Cyber Security Courses in Kerala for 2023

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In the current digital era, cybersecurity is a crucial issue. With the increasing digitization of nearly every aspect of our lives, more of our private and professional lives move online, making effective cybersecurity measures more crucial than ever.  Hospitals, businesses, and governments all rely on technology to function, and a cyber-attack on these organizations can have serious consequences.

Cybersecurity has become a career that is quite promising as more and more companies go online. The industry is anticipated to expand further in the upcoming years and offers a wide variety of career possibilities at all levels, from entry-level positions to senior management positions. The field is also constantly evolving, making for a demanding and exciting career path.

Cyber Security courses in Kerala are also becoming popular as the state is becoming a hub for IT. For those considering a career in cybersecurity, the time to start is now. Cybersecurity is an in-demand field with a lack of trained personnel, starting early and gaining the essential skills and qualifications makes for a challenging and exciting career that never gets boring.

Best Cyber Security Courses in Kerala

With Kerala’s continued investment in its IT infrastructure and rising reliance on technology, the field of cyber security is growing rapidly in the state. As a result, Kerala offers a variety of cyber security courses to aid people in acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to safeguard their digital assets and defend against online threats.

Some popular cyber security courses in Kerala include:

1. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH):

The Certified Ethical Hacker program is an excellent option for anyone who is passionate about ethical hacking. Students will learn how to think like hackers and apply their newfound skills to defend against online threats in this course.

Course duration:

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course training program lasts approximately 40 hours, or up to one year that covers 20 modules. You will receive study material from EC-Council. It is designed to help you master an ethical hacking methodology and provide you with the skills to assess the security of an organization.

Salary Range:

A Certified Ethical Hacker in Kerala makes an average of 4,50,000 per year. Depending on experience, salaries might range from 2,00,000 to 8,00,000 per year.

2. CompTIA Security+:

The internationally renowned certification program CompTIA Security+ verifies a person’s IT security knowledge and abilities. This course is made to aid in your preparation for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam, a crucial stage in an IT security career.

Course duration:

The CompTIA Security+ certification course typically takes around 40 hours to complete.

Salary range:

In Kerala, salaries for professionals having this certification might range from 2,00,000 to 8,00,000 INR per year based on experience and job type.

3. Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI):

The Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) course is a demanding program intended to equip students with skills and knowledge to discover and examine intricate digital evidence. The program aligns with all the crucial forensic job roles across the globe

Course duration:

All the crucial forensics job roles around the world are covered by the course. The course lasts for 40 hours.

Salary range:

In Kerala, the average annual salary for CHFI-certified security professionals is approximately ₹7.2 lakhs.

Broadly speaking, cyber security courses in Kerala provide a valuable opportunity for individuals and organizations to gain the knowledge and skills to keep up with the most recent cyber security trends and techniques.

Cyber Security Courses in Kerala After 12th

Cyber Security Courses in Kerala After 12th

Kerala is a great place to pursue a career in cyber security, with a range of courses available for students after the 12th grade. some of the most popular certification courses include Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Penetration Tester (CPT), and Certified Malware Analyst. 

Certified Malware Analyst:

This is a more advanced course that prepares students to analyze malicious software and analyze configurations to detect hidden threats and vulnerabilities.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH):

This course covers the techniques and tools used by hackers and teaches how to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities.

Certified Penetration Tester (CPT):

This course focuses on the practice of penetration testing, which is the process of testing a computer system, network, or web application to identify vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.

What is the eligibility for a cyber security course?

Cyber security certification courses that are available at entry-level usually don’t require explicit educational prerequisites, whereas diploma and degree programs often require applicants to have a high school diploma or comparable level of education, and most post-graduate programs require a bachelor’s degree.

Fees for Cyber Security Courses in Kerala

Kerala is a hotspot for cybersecurity courses due to the increasing number of cyber-attacks. The fees for these courses can vary widely, depending on the institution, the level of the course, and the duration of the program.

Generally, cyber security courses in Kerala typically range between Rs. 5,000-Rs. 20,000. Short-term certification courses such as CompTIA Security+ or Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) may have fees ranging from 20,000 to Rs 1,00,000. It’s worth noting that some institutions may also charge fees for registration, examination, and materials.

Prior to making a decision, you should research and compare different cybersecurity courses based on your own needs and preferences, as well as your budget.

eligibility for a Cyber Security Courses in Kerala

Cyber Security Courses in Kochi

Kochi is home to several cybersecurity training providers. A wide variety of courses are offered by these providers, including learning online, offline, hybrid, and app-based options.

  • Online courses offer flexibility but may lack hands-on experience.
  • Offline or classroom-based courses in cyber security courses offer hands-on experience but call for physical attendance.
  • Hybrid courses in cyber security integrate the best of both online and offline courses. providing students with the flexibility of online courses along with the hands-on experience and real-time practicals of offline courses.
  • App-based courses are the latest trend in cyber security, it’s self-paced courses and can be done on the go. 

There is a chance that students intending to enroll in cybersecurity courses in Kochi would end up in the hands of an unqualified course provider. To avoid this, research and evaluating institutions and their trainer’s qualifications are important. Students often struggle with the absence of real-world applications. To combat this, Institutions like RedTeam Hacker Academy in Kochi a leading institution that offers students with lab setups and other practicals to help them build the skills they need to be successful.

Certified Ethical Hacking

Jobs After Completion of Cyber Security Courses In Kerala

Completing a cybersecurity course in Kerala can open up a wide range of job opportunities. People with cybersecurity expertise and qualifications can apply for a number of well-known jobs, including:

  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Cyber Crime Investigator
  • Information Security Engineer
  • Cyber Security Manager
  • Security Architect
  • Penetration Tester
  • Network Security Administrator.

The Increasing demand for cybersecurity experts is creating new career opportunities.

Top Cyber security course provider in Kerala, India

RedTeam Hacker Academy is an innovative and comprehensive cyber security course provider based in Kerala, India. It has been providing world-class training and certification programs in the field of cybersecurity since 2017. RedTeam Hacker Academy continually has a prominent position among the best cyber security training providers in Kerala.

From introductory to advanced levels, RedTeam Hacker Academy’s extensive selection of cyber security courses may be customized to meet the needs of both individuals and businesses. This program provides students with expertise in a broad range of topics such as ethical hacking, digital forensics, vulnerability assessment, network security, cyber laws and regulations, malware analysis, penetration testing, and more. All courses are delivered by qualified cyber security specialists with years of industry experience.

The academy has a dedicated placement cell that works closely with students to help them secure jobs after completing their courses. Another unique aspect of RedTeam Hacker Academy is its annual global summit and webinars where students can interact with and learn from cybersecurity experts from across the world.

In addition, the academy also features an alumni community of cybersecurity experts, which provides students with a network of contacts and resources to support them throughout their careers. 

RedTeam Hacker Academy also offers app-based and gaming-based learning choices, allowing students to study from the comfort of their homes. This flexibility makes it easy for students to balance their education with other responsibilities and commitments.

In summary, RedTeam Hacker Academy is one of the top cybersecurity course providers in Kerala, making it a perfect choice for those looking to start or advance their career in cybersecurity.

Jobs After Cyber Security Courses In Kerala

Finding Placement assistance after cyber security course in Kerala 

Finding placement assistance after completing a Cyber Security Course in Kerala can open up a wide range of job opportunities in the field. With the growing demand for Cyber Security professionals, there is an increasing demand for skilled professionals who can handle the security of networks and digital data. Kerala is one of India’s technologically advanced states, with a high demand for Cyber Security personnel. As a result, those who have completed Cyber Security Courses in Kerala would have several opportunities.

Many cyber security course providers in Kerala aid their students with job placements. This assistance is intended to assist students to secure jobs after graduating from their courses. There are events that are frequently hosted by the course provider and allow students to meet with employers and recruiters in the industry.

Another alternative is to reach out to potential employers directly. Many Kerala-based companies are looking for qualified Cyber Security professionals and may even offer internships. You can reach out to these companies directly and find out if they have any openings for Cyber Security professionals.

You can also take advantage of a unique aspect of cyber security course providers they also have an alumni community of cybersecurity professionals, which provides students with a network of contacts and resources to support them throughout their careers. Students can benefit greatly from this network since they can reach out to graduates for advice, job leads, and other professional opportunities.Overall, with a little effort and investigation, finding placement aid following a Cyber Security Course in Kerala is doable.  You can locate the ideal career in the Cyber Security industry by utilizing the available resources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cyber security a good job?

Absolutely! a wonderful career option in cybersecurity! It offers more opportunities for advancement and a higher salary than the typical private-sector position. It’s an appealing and fulfilling career.

The study of cybersecurity is a challenging topic that calls for perseverance and dedication. Karan Saini, who passed the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam at the age of 13, is an example of a successful young cybersecurity worker.

In Kerala, there are many ministries and organizations that are hiring for government roles in the field of cybersecurity. The state-run digital security organization known as The Cyberdrome carries out operations in fields like cyber threat analysis, cybercrime investigation, and cyber security awareness.

Learning cybersecurity is a process that takes time, dedication, and practice. One method of learning cyber security that is gaining popularity is the use of gamified learning platforms, such as the RedTeam Hacker Academy’s gaming platform. This platform uses interactive games and challenges to teach various cyber security skills and concepts, making the learning process more engaging and enjoyable for the student.

Despite the fact that cyber security is a topic that is continually growing, it is possible to get a basic understanding of the principles within 6 months. However, becoming an expert in the field often requires much more time. A dedicated self-study and a hands-on approach can fast-track the learning process


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