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Certified IT Infrastructure & Cyber SOC Analyst

Managing and detecting IT infrastructure Security with agile Cybersecurity operations is the most difficult task for any organization amidst soaring cyberattacks. Constituting diverse components including systems, networks, applications, data centers, cloud deployments, third-party integrations, and many others, IT infrastructure involves huge effort, technical proficiency, and organizational security protection know-how. Certified IT Infrastructure and Cyber SOC Analyst (CICSA) is a holistic certification and training program delivering niche technical skills in effectively managing and proactively detecting IT infrastructure building attacks. This all-round Cyber SOC training course from RedTeam Hacker Academy delivers implementation-oriented learning of identifying, preventing, and monitoring potential cyber threats to the IT architecture of the organization by precisely evaluating the implemented security walls that detect the hackers. This Cyber SOC Analyst training from RTHA helps candidates master analyzing the most crucial infrastructure elements, network security, and Defense in Depth in real-like lab environments mentored by security experts. Certified IT Infrastructure and Cyber SOC Analyst training curriculum have been crafted by a team of Certified SOC Analysts and Security Practitioners delivering best in class Managed Security Services globally.

Learning Objective of CICSA

  • Understand primary building blocks of cybersecurity including risk identification, incident management, Vulnerability Management, infosec design, security implementation.
  • Understand CyberThreats, Indicators of Compromise (IoC), and Attack Methodology.
  • Understand incidents, Events, and Logs.
  • Explore the essential components of Cyber Defense.
  • Understand how to address enterprise security concerns, potential threats, and vulnerabilities.
  • Understand Honeypot Deployments.
  • Protect enterprise information assets through Defense in depth.
  • Understand and interpret cyberattack events with the Cyber Kill Chain Framework.
  • Understand Firewalls, IDS/IPS, and SIEM.
  • Build an agile Security Operation Centre for managing and controlling overall cybersecurity operations
  • Understand SIEM Deployments in Enterprise Environments.
  • Understand Incident Response Practices.
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    CISCA Course Content

    Cyberspace Building Blocks

    Network and Systems Essentials

    Azure Security Engineering

    Linux Environment Essentials

    Offensive Security

    Enterprise Security

    Blue Teaming and Cyber SOC

    Practical and Performance based Assessments

    Why Certified IT Infrastructure and Cyber SOC Analyst ?

    After successful completion of Certified IT Infrastructure and Cyber SOC Analyst (CICSA) training from RedTeam Hacking Academy, a candidate is globally recognized as a Certified IT Infrastructure and Cyber SOC Analyst.

    Infrastructure security analysts and SOC experts are highly demanded across organizations striving hard to protect their critical data and information. Due to inappropriate skill and lack of reasonable know-how of setting up SOC is creating a significant skill gap that can be filled by acquiring relevant proficiencies.

    According to indeed.com, the average salary of security analyst and security engineer having hands-on skills ranges between $90,169 and $111,063 per year

    How can RedTeam secure your future?

    Practical Hands-on Exposure
    Ongoing Support using RT-FASTE
    Industry-leading Curriculum
    Certified and Experienced Trainers
    100% Placement & Internship Assistance
    World- Class Infrastructure
    RedTeam Hacker Academy is the best institution for learning cybersecurity and networking. Faculties are very friendly and helpful and the way of teaching is very good. Study materials are very useful. It is a very good institute for building a good career route in cybersecurity. We can study and practice to defend against cyberattacks and security breaches. I will recommend RedTeam to those who are planning to build their career in cybersecurity and improve their knowledge.
    Saneersha Hakkim
    RedTeam Hacker Academy is the best institution for learning Networking and Cybersecurity. RedTeam is an authorized EC Council accredited institution. I joined in the RedTeam with very little knowledge about cybersecurity and completed CEH certification. The faculties are very experienced people they will teach from base to expert. And they are very friendly. RedTeam is organizing many technical events, I attended most of the events. These events helped me to learn lots of things about cybersecurity. I will recommend RedTeam to those who are planning to build a carrier in cybersecurity and also those who are planning to improve their knowledge in cybersecurity.
    Mohammed Faiz P.T
    Came here as a beginner with very little knowledge about cybersecurity. After a few months, as per my experience here, I highly recommend RTHA to anyone interested in the field of Cybersecurity.
    Mohammed Arshad

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    1. Knowledge of cybersecurity basics
    2. Understanding of ethical hacking fundamentals
    3. Working knowledge of computer networks, firewall, and security architecture.
    4. Basic analytical skills

    Advanced Diploma in Cyber Defense

    Certified Bug Bounty Hunter

    Certified Ethical Hacker v11

    Job Opportunities after CICSA

    CICSA training and certification helps candidates to acquire eminent security roles as:

    SOC Analyst
    SOC Consultant
    SOC Engineer
    Threat Intelligence Analyst
    Blue Team Security Practitioner



    The blended training methodology coupled with practical hands-on experience with highly equipped classroom infrastructure and the best of internationally certified trainers makes us unique.

    Calicut, Kochi, Mangalore, Kottakkal, and Trivandrum.

    We designed courses that serve the ongoing demands in the industry. With our certifications, thousands of students reached their destinations in cybersecurity careers.

    You just need to have knowledge of the general operations of computers. Once you finish the course, a lot of hands-on practice would make one a good Hacker. if you know the basics of computer networks. Else, we recommend you do the 6-day version, where the first day is spent in understanding the network and operating system fundamentals.

    Definitely you can. We provide online training with flexible schedules.

    The exponential convergence of Telecommunication made the industry verticles to shift the Human – Machine integrations and thus turned the threat landscape extended. There are unfilled openings in Health care, financial sectors like banks and other firms, manufacturing companies, aeronautical spaces, maritime industries, etc..

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