Cybersecurity For Parents And Kids

Parent-child cybersecurity course mainly educate parents about cybersecurity risks. You can’t monitor everything your child does on their smartphone. From childhood to adulthood, technology will be a significant part of their lives. They have the opportunity to learn the skills they need to stay safe online during these formative years.

The primary goal of this course is to educate parents about cybersecurity so that they can help protect their children.

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A full-spectrum cyber security course for parents and kids, covering the basic concepts of cybersecurity, data breaches, security breaches, comprehending the negative aspects of social media, etc.


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Parents can learn about cybersecurity threats by taking the course “Cybersecurity for Parents and Kids.” This course’s main goal is to teach parents cybersecurity basics so they can safeguard their children from online threats and attacks.

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Learn how to protect your children online

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Fazeen Alan


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Abhiram E

Cybersecurity for Parents & Kids

Why Cybersecurity For Parents and Kids?

These days, almost all teenagers and an increasing number of young children are online. You’re probably “connected” whenever you use one of your smart devices, whether you’re browsing the web, watching a video, texting, using a smartphone app, or playing a game.

Although being online has many advantages for young people as well as the rest of us, it also comes with some digital and social risks related to network and device security.

However, as a parent, you must ensure that you and your kids are safe in this virtual community.

Cybersecurity Community Tech Support & Social Forums

Enroll in this course to Join the exclusive Cybersecurity Community Tech Support & Social Forums.

To help keep them safe, use the relevant tools.

Children are especially at risk when it comes to online security. Your child might run into trouble even if they follow all the rules.

Introduction to Course

Course Content


  • Cyber Terminologies_1
  • Cyber Terminologies_2
  • Cyber Terminologies_3
  • Cyber Terminologies_4
  • Cyber Terminologies_5
  • Cyber Terminologies_6
  • CIA Triad
  • Case Study
  • What is a Cyber Attack
  • Types of Cyber Attack_1
  • Types of Cyber Attack_2
  •  Impact of Cyber Attack
  • Laws for the welfare of Kids
  • Mitigating Cyber Attack
  • Case Study
  • Module Overview
  • Facts about Social Media
  • Why choose Parental Control Software
  • Benefits of Parental Control Software
  • Google Family Link
  • Facts about Social Media
  • Impact of Social Media on Kids
  • Decoding popular Social Media Applications
  • Comprehensive guide towards safer Internet for Kids
  • Securing Email Communications
  • Securing Social Media Applications
  • Case Study
  • Overview of Popular Operating System
  • Understanding Computer Malware
  • Practical Demonstration of Operating System
  • Choosing Anti-Virus for your Family
  • Case Study

Get certified in Cybersecurity as both a Parent and a Child.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a full-time homemaker. Is it possible to enroll in this course?

Obviously, RedTeam 360’s Cybersecurity for Parents and Kids is undoubtedly available to our students around-the-clock. You can schedule it according to your preferences because it is an online course.

Can I protect my children from online threats with the help of this course?

Yes, you will learn more about cybersecurity threats and internet scams after taking this cybersecurity course for parents and kids. We ensure that with our carefully crafted course material, you will be cyber-educated to safeguard yourself and your children.

Can I trust this certification?

As one of India’s top training organizations for cybersecurity, RedTeam 360’s courses are the result of extensive research and hard work. Unquestionably, the parent’s and children’s cybersecurity course is beneficial and authentic.

Since I am unfamiliar with cybersecurity, Can I understand and learn the course?

Undoubtedly, you will. A course on cybersecurity for parents and children teaches the fundamentals of cybersecurity. You will have a solid foundation of cybersecurity awareness after finishing this course.

Cybersecurity for Parents & Kids

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