Certified Ethical Hacking Associate

This course is designed for cyber security beginners who would like to take the baby step into the cyber world and henceforth becoming the leading cyber specialist. This course covers upon all the basic things needed to get into the cyber world on building foundation.

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    Course Overview

    Ethical Hacking Associate program covers the Comprehensive Essentials to Ethical Hacking Tactics and Techniques. To prepare the new generation to prevent against new age Cyber threats and from highly malicious cyber attacks, RedTeam introduces a new program for the children who have completed their high school and higher secondary education.

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    CEHA certification and training features

    Covering up all the basic knowledge of computers, Cyber world and Cyber Threats.

    Fully equipped with real-like practice environments.

    Guidance to cyber security arena.

    Hands-on application of the most recent and proven best practices.

    A well-crafted, very user friendly platform for Cybersecurity Learning Experience.

    Certified Instructors for handling the juniors at their level of understanding.

    ethical hacking

    Become a Certified Penetration Tester

    Differentiate yourself with a CPT Certification

    Course Outline

    Module 1 : Cybersecurity Essentials

    Module 2 : Linux for Hackers

    Module 3 : Anonymity and VPN

    Module 4 : Osint & Social Engineering

    Module 5 : Art Of Scanning

    Module 6 : Vulnerability Assessment

    Module 7 : System Hacking, Post Exploitation & Privilege Escalation

    Module 8 : Wireshark

    Module 9 : Malware And Metasploit

    Module 10 : Denial Of Service Attacks

    Module 11 : Web Application Penetration Testing

    Module 12 : Wireless Penetration Testing

    Module 13 : Pentesting Standards & Methodologies

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      Who is the course for?

      Certified Ethical Hacking Associate is mainly designed for young people who are at the peak passionate for cyber security and wants to get into this field at the early start.

      A Ethical Hacking Associate can step up the security career ladder as:

      Penetration Tester

      Security Auditor

      Cybersecurity Analyst

      Vulnerability Assessor

      Information Security Manager


      • The enroller has to be a student.
      • The student has to be in the age group of 15-21yrs of age.
      • The student has to be a Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking Aspirant.

      Career Opportunities After Ethical Hacking Associate

      Cybersecurity careers are on the rise. The need for cybersecurity professionals is so great that job openings are outgrowing the available workforce. A Cybersecurity Ventures report predicts that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs in future, up from 1 million unfilled positions in the past.

      A range of certifications and training courses offered by RedTeam Hacker Academy molds the young individual to be a skilled cyber security professional helping them to bridge the above-mentioned skill shortage expertly.

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      How can RedTeam secure your future?

      Industry leading Curriculum

      Practical Hands-on Exposure

      Certified & Experienced Trainers

      Ongoing Support using RT-FASTE

      World- Class Infrastructure

      RedTeam Stories and Reviews

      Arshad RedTeam Student

      Came here as a beginner with very little knowledge about cybersecurity. After a few months, as per my experience here, I highly recommend RTHA to anyone interested in the field of Cybersecurity

      Faiz RedTeam Student

      I recommend RedTeam to those who are planning to build a career in cybersecurity and also those who are planning to improve their knowledge in cybersecurity.

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        Approximate Open Jobs in 2022

        Job Opportunities

        Based on the ‘State of Cybersecurity 2021 Report’ from ISACA, the cybersecurity workforce remains unprepared, with several specialised skills unavailable, despite the exponential increase in cyber threats – with estimated costs eclipsing $6 trillion in 2021.

        Salary Growth

        It is no surprise that Cyber Security Analysts rank first on the list of fastest-growing IT salaries in 2021. In 2019, the average salary for a Cyber Security Analyst was $88,663. In 2020 that salary increased to $103,106. COVID-19 and cybersecurity served as critical landmarks of 2020.

        Cyber Security Analyst (AED 36k - AED 348k)
        Cyber Security Engineer (AED 15k - AED 549k)
        Information Security Analyst (AED 5k - AED 295k)
        Information Security Manager (AED 126k - AED 531k)
        Senior Security Consultant (AED 81 - AED 400k)

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