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Red Team Summit

Summit 2019

RedTeam Security Summit 2019 clusters IT & cybersecurity enthusiasts from across the country. The event bought experts from across to talk on various trending topics in IT and security such as Quantum Computing, IoT Security, Malware Analysis, Digital Forensics and Machine Learning. It wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our CTF Challenge and the winner Anil Tom. And our workshop on ‘Red and Blue Teaming’ and ‘Firmware reverse engineering’.And yeah, we would like to thank you all for your support and we wish to conduct more events like these.


Summit 2018

With the world becoming increasingly interconnected the threat to networks, devices, programmes and data from cyber attackers who continue to evolve with ever-improving tactics, techniques and procedures present an ever-growing risk. Foreseeing this mission is what motivated Mr Jaizal Ali to debut his entrepreneurial skills in the making of RedTeam. RedTeam is a cyber security-based community emphasizing on training, consulting, recruitment and talent solutions. Exploring this opportunity RedTeam is gearing up to organize a cybersecurity briefing event termed as RED TEAM SECURITY SUMMIT to bring together all the cyber enthusiasts under one roof. The agenda will be to address varied concerns in Critical Infrastructure Security, Cyber Crimes, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Security Operations and come up with potential solutions through cautiously curated security assessment techniques.


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