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Overview of CompTIA Security+ Certification

CompTIA Security+ (plus) Certification is a global certification that validates the baseline skills you need to perform core security functions and pursue an IT security career.

CompTIA Security+ Certification is the first security certification IT professionals should earn. It establishes the core knowledge required of any cybersecurity role and provides a springboard to intermediate-level cybersecurity jobs. Security+ incorporates best practices in hands-on trouble-shooting to ensure security professionals have practical security problem-solving skills. Cybersecurity professionals with Security+ know how to address security incidents – not just identify them.

Security+ is compliant with ISO 17024 standards and approved by the US DoD to meet directive 8140/8570.01-M requirements. Regulators and government rely on ANSI accreditation, because it provides confidence and trust in the outputs of an accredited program. Over 2.3 million CompTIA ISO/ANSI-accredited exams have been delivered since January 1, 2011.


40 Hours

Total Modules

16 Nos

Programme Format

Online/Offline/ Blended


10 Hrs / Week

Who is the course for?

The CompTIA Security+ course is ideal for professionals who are working in the roles of network administrators, security administrators, system administrators, and IT auditors.

Modules In This Course

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Summarize Fundamental Security Concepts


Compare Threat Types


Explain Cryptographic Solutions


Implement Identity and Access Management


Secure Enterprise Network Architecture


Secure Cloud Network Architecture


Explain Resiliency and Site Security Concepts


Explain Vulnerability Management


Evaluate Network Security Capabilities


Assess Endpoint Security Capabilities


Enhance Application Security Capabilities


Explain Incident Response and Monitoring Concepts


Analyze Indicators of Malicious Activity


Summarize Security Governance Concepts


Explain Risk Management Processes


Summarize Data Protection and Compliance Concepts


Summarize Security Governance Concepts


Explain Risk Management Processes

The Proof is in the Results:
Student Testimonials

RedTeam Academy has been very helpful to me interms of persuing my field of study. This institution is quite excellent in its way of teaching and the mentors are always encouraging us to perform our tasks. In my experience RedTeam Academy is a fine institute to learn Hacking and Cyber Security.

a boy doing CPENT Training in Kerala

Jithin Kumar

Cyber Security Analyst

This is an excellent course in a nutshell. I never thought that the entire experience of cyber security can be taught in such a short span and that anyone can achieve their dreams . Teachers in this course are teaching in a very good way that makes it easier to understand. Especially Jeevan sir and Sourav sir took a tremendous role in my institution life,hats off sir. Last but not least thank you red team for helping me to analyse my dream

a boy doing CPENT Training in Kerala

Manu M

Certified Ethical Hacker

Red Team Hacker Academy gave me a great opportunity to successfully complete my ADCD course. It is the best institute to learn cyber security and networking. The faculties and staffs are very friendly. Those who want to learn about cyber security can join here

a boy doing CPENT Training in Kerala

Abhijith T S

Cyber Security Analyst

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Cybersecurity Careers

Security Administrator
Systems Administrator
Helpdesk Manager / Analyst
Network / Cloud Engineer
Security Engineer / Analyst
DevOps / Software Developer
IT Auditors
IT Project Manager
DevOps / Software Developer

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CompTIA Security+ Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

CompTIA Security+ is a global certification that validates the fundamental skills required to perform core security functions and pursue a career in IT security. 

The CompTIA Security+ certification training will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to:  

  • Install and configure security systems for applications, networks, and devices 
  • Analyse threats and respond with appropriate mitigation techniques take part in risk-mitigation activities
  • Operate in accordance with applicable policies, laws, and regulations 
  • Security+ is chosen by more corporations and defence organisations to validate baseline security skills than any other certification on the market. 
  • Security+ validates hands-on skills, ensuring that security professionals are better prepared to solve today’s complex problems. 
  • Security+ is designed to supplement skills applicable across a broader range of today’s job roles for securing systems, software, and hardware.
  • Security+ adheres to the most recent trends and techniques in risk assessment and management, incident response and management, forensics, enterprise networks, hybrid/cloud operations, and security controls. 

The course is designed for professionals who work as:

  • Systems Administrators  
  • Network Administrators 
  • Security Administrators 
  • Junior IT Auditor/Penetration Testers.
  • Comprehend Identification and mitigation of risks 
  • Security at the operational, information, application, and infrastructure levels 
  • Secure the network to ensure critical data availability, integrity, and confidentiality.
  • Wherever possible, adhere to a set of rules, policies, and regulations.
  • Helpdesk Manager/Analyst 
  • Network /Cloud Engineer  
  • Security Engineer/Analyst
  • Devops / Software Developer
  • Security Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • IT auditors 
  • IT Project Manager 
  • Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Attacks 

Focusing on more Internet threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities from newer custom devices that must be mitigated in light of current events. 

  • Design and Architecture 

Coverage of enterprise environments and dependence on the cloud, both of which are rapidly increasing as organisations transition to hybrid networks. 

  • Implementation 

Added emphasis on identity management, access management, PKI, basic cryptography, wireless, and end-to-end security. 

  • Covering Operations and Incident Response

Covering organisational security assessment and incident response procedures, such as basic threat detection, risk mitigation techniques, security controls, and basic digital forensics.

  • Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance 

Expanded to support organisational risk management and regulatory compliance, including PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, FISMA, NIST, and CCPA. 

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