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Certified Penetration Tester

Certified Penetration testing or pen testing refers to the assessment of computers, application security architecture, and networks to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious hackers. Penetration testing forms a crucial part of ethical hacking by enabling ethical hackers to detect and assess the loopholes in the information security systems.

The certified Penetration Tester (CPT) course from RedTeam Hacker Academy is a comprehensive program that transforms cybersecurity aspirants into highly skilled penetration testers. CPT focuses on explaining the core fundamentals of cybersecurity and penetration testing techniques expertly that help ethical hackers locate weak security areas and post-exploitation impacts.

This all-around pen testing program devised by the industry’s leading security specialists demonstrates verified pen testing methodologies, standards, and mitigating techniques to address crucial security concerns of the organizations.

This career-focused training and certification course in penetration testing authenticates the practical know-how of candidates through an extensive certification exam offered by RedTeam Hacker Academy. Delivered by cybersecurity experts and equipped with the most recent tools, technologies, and best practices, the Certified Penetration Tester training ensures that the candidates get job-ready after the completion of this program.

Why Certified Penetration Tester

RTHA’s CPT is a comprehensive practical-based program that empowers ethical hackers and cybersecurity career seekers with an in-depth understanding of the network and cybersecurity fundamentals. CPT helps candidates to explore all avenues of penetration testing and gain a competitive edge in performing diverse security assessments seamlessly. 

Our CPT certification and training features:

  • Illustrating integral concepts in real-like environments
  • Delivering hand-on understanding of the new age penetration testing techniques
  • Helping candidates acquire across the board knowledge of implementing proven methodologies
  • Project-based learning with globally recognized credentials
  • Training security aspirants identify potential threats and security vulnerabilities efficiently
  • Training delivered by certified security specialists having enormous experience

This CPT training and certification course enables candidates to achieve proficiency in:

  • Understanding the essentials of computer networks and architecture 
  • Leveraging Linux for ethical hacking practices
  • Understanding Privacy and  anonymity
  • VPNs and packet routing 
  • Understanding  Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) 
  • Advanced protocol enumerations and scanning 
  • Identifying and assessing vulnerabilities 
  • Cracking passwords and secure access
  • Hacking organizational systems, networks, and applications
  • Evaluating post-exploitations
  • Inspecting packets precisely 
  • Performing active sniffing attacks
  • Evading intrusion detection system (IDS), intrusion prevention system (IPS), and Firewall 
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    Course Content

    Networks, IoT and Cyber Security Essentials

    Linux for Hackers

    Anonymity and VPN

    Open Source Intelligence

    Art of Scanning and Protocol Enumerations

    Vulnerability Assessment

    Password Cracking

    System Hacking and Post Exploitations

    Deep Packet Inspection and Active Sniffing

    IDS, IPS and Firewall Evasions

    Malware and Metasploit

    Denial of Service Attacks and Defences

    Social Engineering Attacks

    Web Application Penetration Testing

    Buffer Overflow attacks

    Wireless Penetration Testing

    Penetration Testing Standards and Methodologies

    Penetration Testing Project

    Opportunities in Penetration Testing

    After successful completion of the CPT program, candidates have rewarded the credentials of 

    Certified Penetration Tester

    Penetration testing has been recognized as one of the most sought-after professions in cybersecurity. Immensely rising cyber threats and newer ways of security compromisation across the globe are every days creating new opportunities. 

    A report from Payscale reflects that a penetration tester earns an average salary of $84165.

    Cybersecurity has always been a prime concern for organizations since the boundless use of internet-enabled devices. Companies strive hard to hire a security workforce competent enough to safeguard their organizational security infrastructure and addressing continually evolving cyber threats is their biggest challenge. 

    Various reports and surveys depict a huge skill gap in cybersecurity worldwide that needs to be addressed to safeguard data and information effectively. 

    A survey conducted by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies reflects that 82% of employers admit a skill gap in an efficient cybersecurity workforce and 71% of the survey takers agree that this skill shortage affects substantial damage to their businesses directly.

    How can RedTeam secure your future?

    Practical Hands-on Exposure
    Ongoing Support using RT-FASTE
    Industry-leading Curriculum
    Certified and Experienced Trainers
    100% Placement & Internship Assistance
    World- Class Infrastructure
    RedTeam Hacker Academy is the best institution for learning cybersecurity and networking. Faculties are very friendly and helpful and the way of teaching is very good. Study materials are very useful. It is a very good institute for building a good career route in cybersecurity. We can study and practice to defend against cyberattacks and security breaches. I will recommend RedTeam to those who are planning to build their career in cybersecurity and improve their knowledge.
    Saneersha Hakkim
    RedTeam Hacker Academy is the best institution for learning Networking and Cybersecurity. RedTeam is an authorized EC Council accredited institution. I joined in the RedTeam with very little knowledge about cybersecurity and completed CEH certification. The faculties are very experienced people they will teach from base to expert. And they are very friendly. RedTeam is organizing many technical events, I attended most of the events. These events helped me to learn lots of things about cybersecurity. I will recommend RedTeam to those who are planning to build a carrier in cybersecurity and also those who are planning to improve their knowledge in cybersecurity.
    Mohammed Faiz P.T
    Came here as a beginner with very little knowledge about cybersecurity. After a few months, as per my experience here, I highly recommend RTHA to anyone interested in the field of Cybersecurity.
    Mohammed Arshad

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    1. Basic understanding of cybersecurity aspects
    2. Fundamental knowledge of ethical hacking

    Advanced Diploma in Cyber Defense

    Certified Bug Bounty Hunter

    Certified Ethical Hacker v11

    Certified IT Infrastructure & Cyber SOC Analyst

    Career Opportunities After CPT are :

    Penetration Tester

    Security Auditor

    Cybersecurity Analyst

    Vulnerability Assessor

    Information Security Manager

    Web Application Penetration Tester


    The blended training methodology coupled with practical hands-on experience with highly equipped classroom infrastructure and the best of internationally certified trainers makes us unique.

    Calicut, Kochi, Mangalore, Kottakkal, and Trivandrum.


    We designed courses that serve the ongoing demands in the industry. With our certifications, thousands of students reached their destinations in cybersecurity careers.

    You just need to have knowledge of the general operations of computers. Once you finish the course, a lot of hands-on practice would make one a good Hacker. if you know the basics of computer networks. Else, we recommend you do the 6-day version, where the first day is spent in understanding the network and operating system fundamentals.

    Definitely you can. We provide online training with flexible schedules.

    The exponential convergence of Telecommunication made the industry verticles to shift the Human – Machine integrations and thus turned the threat landscape extended. There are unfilled openings in Health care, financial sectors like banks and other firms, manufacturing companies, aeronautical spaces, maritime industries, etc..

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