Certified Penetration Tester


This course is specifically designed for technology enthusiasts, graduates, under-graduates or anyone who loves to explore into the world of ethical hacking and  information security. Certified Security Analyst course from Red Team Hacker Academy will transform candidates to be a security professional who can identify, exploit, report and patch the vulnerabilities in Web Applications, Networks, Servers etc.

Course Contents
  • Module 1 : Networks and IT Infrastructure
  • Module 2 : Linux for Hackers
  • Module 3 : Cybersecurity 101
  • Module 4 : Anonymity and VPN
  • Module 5 : Open source intelligence
  • Module 6 : Art of scanning
  • Module 7 : Deep Packet Inspection
  • Module 8 : IDS, IPS, WAF and Firewalls
  • Module 9 : Malwares and Metasploit
  • Module 10 : Web Application Security
  • Module 11 : Wireless Security
  • Module 12 : Penetration Testing Project



Training & Exam

Upon completion of the CSA classes students have to pass Computer Based Examination and submit a VAPT Report to become a Certified Security Analyst.Prior to attempting an exam, candidates are required to agree to our Non-Disclosure Agreement. By attempting the exam, the candidates signify the acceptance of the Red Team Candidate Certification Agreement terms.

Targeted Audience

Graduates, Under Graduates,, Network Administrators, Systems Administrators, IT Staffs or anyone who is interested in learning information security

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