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In recent years, iOS adoption is accelerating globally because of its powerful and durable features. With the advancement of technology, it is essential to strengthening iOS device security by quickly identifying security flaws. The RTHA mobile security training program equips students with the best tools and techniques for iOS app penetration.

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This practical course provides in-depth knowledge about avoiding jailbreak detection, spotting potential weaknesses, mastering the use of pentesting tools, and fostering a strong security posture for iOS devices.


2 Hours 50 Minutes

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Course Highlights

During this course, you will gain a thorough understanding of how to identify weaknesses in iOS apps. Our students will gain the self-assurance needed to handle iOS App testing according to international standards.

Simplified Learning Ecosystem

This program is intended for applicants who are seeking to learn about IOS Application Testing on a global scale.

Extra Bonus

Implementation of projects based on reality

Completely outfitted online lab sessions

Real-like Hacking

Offering hands-on expertise in ethical hacking and penetration testing

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Abhiram E

Certified Mobile Penetration Tester (IOS)

Why IOS Penetration Testing?

The best contribution to our learners’ future in application security will come from the RTHA’s Certified Mobile Application Penetration Tester (IOS) course curriculum, which is beginner-friendly.

RTHA’s iOS mobile security penetration course lets you gain competencies in:

Enrolling in this course will give you access to the exclusive Cybersecurity Community Tech Support & Social Forums, learn how to jailbreak iPhones and apply tried-and-true penetration testing techniques to Android apps, learn the fundamentals of iOS penetration testing using mobile-specific virtual machines and pre-configured tools. You will also learn how to pentest iOS applications using the most up-to-date tools and best practices.

Learn The Future Skill

Obtain certification as a penetration tester for mobile applications. Learn from RedTeam360’s on-demand skilled courses

Introduction to Course

Course Content


  • Introduction
  • iOS Security Mechanism
  • What is iOS Pen-test
  • iOS Jailbreak
  • iOS Jailbreak Practical
  • Setting Lab
  • Introduction to Damn Vulnerable iOS app
  • Introduction to IOS tools and Class Dump
  • Keychain Dumping
  • Objection
  • Intercepting Network Traffic
  • SSL Pinning
  • SSL Bypass
  • Introduction to Frida
  • Static Analysis

Dynamic Analysis

Advance Reverse Engineering

Bypassing Jailbreak Detection

iOS Forensics

  • Application Patching
  • Bio-Metric Bypass
  • Client Side Injection
  • Excess Permission
  • Insecure Data Storage
  • Insecure Transport Layer
  • Phishing
  • Runtime Manipulation
  • Sensitive Information in Memory
  • Side Channel Data Leakage
  • WebView Issues

Anti Debugging Methods

iOS Secure Development Guidelines

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the principal topics this course covers?

This course covers a variety of important topics, including iOS Security Mechanisms, iOS Forensics, SSL Pinning and Bypass, iOS Tool Installation, and more.

What distinguishes Android penetration testing from iOS testing?

The fact that Android is open-source software makes it simpler to hack, which is one of the main differences. iOS is an Apple-owned proprietary software that can only be altered and released by Apple or a specialist in it.

What additional career opportunities does this course provide?

A certified penetration tester can pursue positions such as director of cybersecurity, IT security architect, and more.

Does this course include practice sessions?

Undoubtedly.RedTeam 360 ensures that you take full advantage of the opportunity to explore and enjoy the course.

Certified Mobile Penetration Tester (IOS)

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