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In this course, you will acquire a thorough understanding of the tools and techniques of malware analysis.

This course is intended to give students the technical know-how and practical skills they need to assess crises caused by malicious software.

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Course Plan

Make a commitment to demonstrate your expertise in advanced static analysis, dynamic malware analysis, and static analysis. With sufficient hands-on experience, you’ll find that you’re able to understand cryptography for malware analysis.


9 Hours 25 Minutes

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All of your concerns about needing the essential skills to become an expert will be allayed by the online malware analysis course. We realize your desire to learn crucial information and discover malware’s potential to address issues with threat intelligence and cybersecurity threats.

With a solid grounding in the reverse engineering of malicious software, this course strengthens your abilities in malware analysis.

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Become a Certified Malware Analyst & Hackout Your Career

Certified Malware Analyst

Why Malware Analysis Course Online?

This online program in malware analysis will aid you in acquiring the fundamental skills necessary for evaluating the severity and consequences of malicious software situations and for responding to emergencies.

The best option for you to master malware analysis is our carefully planned curriculum. Regardless of how basic your knowledge of cybersecurity is, our qualified tutors will support you on your learning journey.

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Introduction to Course

Course Content

Module 1

  • Module 1 Overview
  • What is Malware Analysis
  • Goals of Malware Analysis
  • Types of Malware
  • Introduction to Static Analysis
  • Introduction to Dynamic Analysis
  • Introduction to Memory Forensics
  • Tools used in Malware Analysis
  • Setting up Lab for Malware Analysis
  • Module 2 Overview
  • PE Header
  • PE Header Structure
  • Hashing and Antivirus
  • Dynamic Link Library
  • Common DLLs
  • Dependency Walker
  • Identifying the File Type – 1
  • Analyzing files using Python
  • Packed vs Unpacked Malware
  • Malware Classification and Identification
  • YARA Rules
  • Module 3 Overview
  • Steps involved in Dynamic Analysis
  • Process Hacker
  • Process Monitor
  • Regshot
  • Noriben
  • Autoruns
  • Network Monitoring with Microsoft Network Monitor
  • INetsim
  • Remnux Lab Part A
  • Remnux Lab Part B
  • Module 4 Overview
  • What is Dynamic Analysis
  • Assembly Level Primer
  • Ven Neuman, RAM
  • Registers
  • Register Operations and Flags
  • EIP and Operations
  • Conditionals and Branching
  • Disassembly Challenge
  • IDA Basics
  • Graph and Text mode
  • IDA Window
  • Cross References
  • Windows API and File System Functions
  • Special Files and Windows Registry
  • Networking APIs and Threads
  • Mutexes and Services
  • COM and Native API
  • Module 5 Overview
  • Debuggers
  • Types of Debuggers
  • Types of Breakpoints
  • Reversing with OllyDbg
  • Exceptions
  • Threads
  • Loading DLL
  • Module 6 Overview
  • Code Injection
  • Shellcode Injection
  • The science behind DLL Injection
  • Direct Injection
  • Hook Injection
  • APC Injection
  • Introduction to Process Hollowing
  • Practical Process Hollowing
  • IAT Hooking
  • Practical Process Injection
  • Module 7 Overview
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Cryptography in Ransomware
  • Cipher technique in Malware
  • XOR encryption
  • Null Preserving Singlebyte XOR Encoding
  • XOR Encoding
  • Base64 in Malware
  • Krypto Analyzer
  • Detecting Cryptography with Signsrch
  • Module 8 Overview
  • Types of Anti-Reversing Techniques
  • Anti Disassembly
  • Linear Deissaembly and Flow Controlled Disassembly
  • Defeating Anti Dissasembly
  • Defeating Anti Debugging
  • Dump Erasing Malware Analysis
  • Dealing with Packers
  • Automated Packing and Unpacking
  • Entropy Determination
  • Deep Analysis of Packed and Unpacked Files
  • Module 9 Overview
  • Machine Learning in Malware Analysis Part 1
  • Machine Learning in Malware Analysis Part 2
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis using ML
  • Data Set Analysis
  • Coding a Classifier and Gradient Booster
  • Anatomy of Polymorphic virus analysis using ML
  • Malware Detection System using API call Sequence
  • Malware Analysis using API Calls

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Frequently Asked Questions

With this virtual course, will I be able to grasp as much as a normal student?

Sure. RedTeam 360 assures 24/7 access to our app and assistance from our knowledgeable tutors. Like a normal student, you will acquire all the skills and experience. 

Do the RedTeam certify malware analysis program?

Yes. RedTeam 360, a proprietary program developed by RedTeam Hacker Academy, offers it as an online course.

During this course, what topics will be covered?

The CMA program at RTHA will assist you in gaining the fundamental mastery needed to evaluate the severity and effects of malicious software situations and recover after a crisis.

Will learning malware analysis broaden my potential for cybersecurity?

Definitely. One of the major threats to cybersecurity is malware, which is why studying malware analysis will give you the skills to recognize, extract, and analyze malware. You can discover hacker strategies, tactics, and techniques—as well as how to defend against them—by taking RedTeam 360’s Malware Analysis Course.

Become a Certified Malware Analyst & Hackout Your Career

Certified Malware Analyst

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