Techniques to Adopt Ethical Hacking

Techniques to Adopt Ethical Hacking


The necessity of techniques to adopt ethical hacking has grown to be of so much importance that, It is merely impossible to carry on any sort of activity in the cyber world without cybersecurity assistance. An attack every 36 seconds is simply not ignorable. This is when the need for techniques to adopt ethical hacking. Large and small-scale businesses are in need of ethical hackers for guarding their confidential and non-confidential data and information.

Who is a white hat hacker?

A white-hat hacker or an ethical hacker adopts certain ethical hacking techniques in order to safeguard the whole of an enterprise including its IT infrastructure. Before getting to know about the techniques to adopt ethical hacking, we need to get to know who are ethical hackers. Ethical hackers are professionals in the field of cybersecurity. They use the methods of similar criminal hackers but in an ethical way. They identify the vulnerabilities and loose connections in the systems and IT infrastructure. The technologies and methodologies used by ethical hackers are similar to that of criminal hackers. To protect businesses, organizations prefer investing in trained ethical hackers.

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Techniques and methods to adopt ethical hacking

There are basically six techniques to adopt ethical hacking and solutions that ethical hackers use in order to protect and store any confidential data.

  • Loophole analysis

Analyzing and identifying the loopholes which can be exploited by criminal hackers is one of the basic techniques to adopt ethical Hacking. These are essential in securing the data and other information of the enterprise. The white hat hackers use these solutions in order to defend the systems, compromised data, and IT infrastructure of the company.

  • Pre-identification of real-time attacks

Even a minute leakage in the security measures can add a spark to a massive cyberattack. One of the major talents of an ethical hacker is to be prepared for any real-time attacks. The attacks are inevitable, confronting them and solving them out is the real requirement of any white hacker. Identifying the vulnerabilities beforehand and getting ready against a potential attack is how a cybersecurity professional defends a system and IT infrastructure.

  • Proficiency in pen testing

Penetration testing or pen testing is another method of identifying the loopholes and vulnerabilities in a system or IT infrastructure. Targeted testing, blind testing, internal testing, external testing of network servers or DNS services are some of the penetration testing methods included in the ethical hacking training.

  • Confronts the cloud network transition risks

Creating a cloud network is a necessity as the bulk amount of business data cannot be stored in physical form. A cloud network is generally considered and used for storing confidential and non-confidential data. As light negligence, while transitioning the data can open access to the exposure of whole data.

  • Knowledge of  hacking tools

Mere curiosity about the security measures is not enough for ensuring protection at the user end. Most of the staff members might be curious about the safety methods but very few might be aware of the actual way of identifying the threats and implementing security measures. Ethical hackers need to train and demonstrate to the organization’s staff about the various tools and methods of identifying threats. An ethical hacker knows the usage of real hacking tools and advanced methodologies and technologies that protects the organization from potential attacks.

  • Mitigation of loss in an attack

Reducing the loss in the case of an incident is another technique to adopt ethical hacking by ethical hackers. An ethical hacker can identify the cracks and holes in an IT infrastructure and also mitigate the loss in an attack. The pre-recognition of the vulnerabilities helps in reducing the exposure of more data, finance, and reputation of the enterprise.


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When the black hat hackers rule the cyber world, it is quite a task to single out an efficient ethical hacker who ensures the code of ethics. Organizations are more realistic and sensible in choosing an ethical hacker as a security measure.

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